YOLOv3 is the latest variant of a popular object detection algorithm YOLO — You Only Look Once. The published model recognizes 80 different objects in images and videos, but most importantly it is super fast and nearly as accurate as Single Shot MultiBox (SSD).

Starting with OpenCV, you can easily…

The Django’s built-in authentication system is great. For the most part we can use it out-of-the-box, saving a lot of development and testing effort. It fits most of the use cases and is very safe. But sometimes we need to do some fine adjustment so to fit our Web application.

How we made Django admin faster by adding a new type of filter

When creating a new Django Admin page a common conversation between the developer and the support personal might sound like this:

Developer: Hey, I’m adding a new admin page for transactions. Can you tell me how you want to search for transactions?

Support: Sure, I usually just search by the…

Nima dorostkar

I’m Nima , CTO at Atrotech based in Tehran. Django developer and enthusiastic in CV, IOT, AI and data-driven technologies.

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